At MIKRO+POLO, we have been following and realising our mission of solving every problem our customer might encounter in the experimental environment of their laboratory for 30 years now.
We have more than 100 employees who make sure that the link between more than 4,000 buyers on the one hand and 300 suppliers on the other hand is a successful one. A high level of professional competence is achieved by employing 25 sales agents, each of them having a university degree in various fields: chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, health care, pharmacy, etc., who make over 9,000 sales visits per year. Our product line contains more than 500,000 products; most of them are represented and made available in the first Slovenian online application (market.mikro-polo.si).
We take particular pride in our own brand of laboratory furniture LAB INTERIOR with which we have equipped more than 1,000 laboratories in Slovenia and other countries around the globe.
Our company was selected as the winner of the prestigious “European Business Awards 2019” in the “The Wokplace and People development” category. We are holders of the following certificates: ISO 9001 Quality, Bisnode Golden Certificate AAA of Credit Rating Excellence, Trace, Family friendly enterprise, LGBT-Friendly, Diversity Charters, Age-Friendly Company.
Our motto »Your partner in the laboratory« really applies here! Come and try us out!

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Mikro+Polo d.o.o.
Zagrebška cesta 22
2000 Maribor
Phone: +386 080 61 40
Email: podpora@mikro-polo.si
Website: www.mikro-polo.si
Sales: market.mikro-polo.si
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