QUAD SYSTEMS is a technology-leading NMR system provider founded in 2020 to offer a fresh option to the NMR community. With decades of experience in the company and headquartered in Zurich, QUAD has already developed standard and specialty probes for 300-950MHz, where our new designs offer users the highest performance in the application of NMR techniques.  We already hold a strong patent portfolio and we are growing its IP to ensure we can supply our innovations to the NMR community.
QUAD has now widened our product portfolio to include QUAD consoles and magnets enabling us to offer complete console upgrades to existing OEM magnets and also full NMR systems at 400 and 600MHz.
QUAD has dedicated demonstration facilities in Zurich but will extend its direct footprint to other major markets, each with its own applications and service support capability.



dr. Jeremy Lea

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