Nanalysis Corp. is a global manufacturer and seller of innovative Magnetic Resonance technologies. Nanalysis launched the first 60MHz benchtop NMR spectrometer on the market in 2013 and launched the first 100MHz in 2019. These all-in-one, ecofriendly, high performing benchtop NMR spectrometers are notable for their portable nature, their ease-of-use, their low maintenance, and a focus on making NMR technology accessible, affordable and automatable in traditional and non-traditional NMR based applications.

In 2020 Nanalysis acquired RS2D, a Strasbourg based company known for their expertise in magnetic resonance electronics, more specifically their superior Cam4. This compact and innovative platform has led to a wide range of magnetic resonance products ranging from their high-field NMR Pulse console (200-600 MHz), their Gecho, and their preclinical MRI and MR product lines. Additionally, known for their powerful software and graphical pulse programming interface these MR instruments provide versatility and flexibility in a number of applications.

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