Stelar is unique in offering carefully crafted, highly-specialized Fast Field Cycling Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (FFC NMR) relaxometry analytical research tools, which can be applied to many different chemical systems such as soils, food, environment, organic systems, oil rocks and several different porous materials. Since 1984, Stelar instruments are used for research and industrial applications around the globe.

FFC NMR relaxometry is a unique, non-invasive analytical technique giving a snapshot of the molecular dynamics and interactions within a substance/material. FFC can be used to assess physical changes/differences both qualitatively and quantitatively through simple fingerprinting or by defining motion coefficients such as diffusion or rotation coefficients.

Stelar’s range of instruments for Fast Field Cycling (FFC) NMR relaxometry are powerful tools designed to measure the field dependence of the longitudinal relaxation time T1 in a wide range of magnetic fields.

Stelar FFC NMR Relaxometers can be configured to cover NMRD profiles continuously from few kHz up to 128 MHz (3 Tesla) for the study and development of:

  • Rheology and dynamics of POLYMERS and PLASTIC MATERIALS
  • Pre-clinical in vivo DIAGNOSES (assessment of tumoral tissues)
  • Determining key parameters of OIL-CONTAINING ROCKS for the oil industry
  • Diffusive and other dynamics of BATTERY ELECTROLYTES (ionic liquids)
  • Quality control/authentication both in the Food industry and in the Pharma industry
  • Dynamics and aggregation of THERAPEUTIC PROTEINS

This year Stelar contributes to the EUROMAR scientific program by promoting a talk held by Prof. Simonetta Geninatti Crich entitled “Relaxometry of cancer: role of intracellular water lifetime as a tumor biomarker by in vivo fast field cycling” and introducing important achievements and innovations.

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Stelar SRL is an independent company which was established in 1984 in Mede, Italy, with the objective of offering new accessories, equipment, and services for NMR research.
Stelar is keenly focused on the development of new applications for FFC NMR which can lead to the increased awareness and use of FFC NMR for industrial research, development, and manufacturing.

Stelar’s experience and unique innovative technology has gained the company a strong reputation as the absolute leader in FFC NMR relaxometry. Indeed, Stelar is dedicated to continuous development of FFC NMR instrumentation by employing methods which exploit the latest technologies in electronics design and by integrating FFC NMR with other related techniques.



Thanks to the continuous commitment and know-how of its R&D unit, Stelar is key partner in some important EU projects such as “IDentIFY” (Improving Diagnosis by Fast Field-Cycling MRI) aiming at making FFC-MRI a routine tool for clinical diagnosis.
Also, the PrimoGaia project opens up a new pathway in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) by initiating the concept of in vivo “enzymatic imaging” for a better understanding of human physiology, early detection, and prognosis of diseases, monitoring of therapeutic treatment. Stelar is one of the partners.
Furthermore, together with some important institutions and researchers, Stelar just won a COST Innovator Grant aiming to develop a new project on Fast-Field Cycling applied to cheese and more in general, foods. Read more here.

Recently, thanks to some technological development, Stelar instruments allow the characterization of compounds by means of field dependent T1-T2 2D maps.
Here’s the range of product: SPINMASTER FFC Relaxometer | SMARtracer™ Bench-top FFC relaxometer | High Field NMR Relaxometers



To find out more, please follow us on our LinkedIn page and on our YouTube channel where the series of webinars that Stelar organized with COST with the patronage of the EU Framework Program Horizon 2020 are collected.

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