The 17th EUROMAR 2021 will be organized as the virtual event with the best possible experience for virtual participation. Euromar is a subdivision of Groupement Ampere, that organizes annual meetings on the subject of Magnetic Resonance, usually in the first week of July. The meetings are held in different locations within Europe, and cover all aspects of Magnetic Resonance, including NMR, ESR and MRI.
EUROMAR 2021 Conference will transfer live experience in a virtual form to you, our dear participants, enabling you to experience the conference virtually and be able to interact with all other participants including vendors, and access all the content, communication and make important contacts that are intertwined through the social program of the conference.
We, the organizers invite you to attend EUROMAR 2021 with its exciting scientific programme and excellent speakers, and in this way help a wider magnetic resonance community to stay connected.
Lets spin into the future together.

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